A little about me

My third year at Southern Alamance Middle school, but not not my third teaching! I have had the great pleasure of teaching in many places around the world, including: Spain, England, Russia and Germany.

At Southern, I will be teaching Spanish and Global Studies. I hope to share the experiences that I have gained by travelling and opening the eyes of all of the students to all the possibilities there are in the world.

Through Spanish, students will develop new learning techniques, express new ideas in a new language and gain a competency and fluency that they can further develop in future grades. I also hope to share with them information on Spanish speaking countries. There will be an exchange program with another school. Where students will be able to communicate with students in a School in Spain and exchange activities and ideas. We are going to have lots of fun together!!

In 7th grade we have Intro to Spanish. This is the first year we will dedicate the whole year to the subject. Making it easier for them to grasp the basics and build from there!

In Global studies we are going to learn all about the world around us! In 6th grade we will only spend 9 weeks together! But they will be packed full of fun activities and projects.

Have a look at the courses in the tab in the right hand corner. If you click on subject you will find the weightings and topics we will study this year!!

We should have a fantastic year and I hope to learn and grow as much as my students!!

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